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Important: Applicant agrees to pay invoices in full-Net 30 days-FOB Point of Origin. In accordance with allowable rates, a finance charge will be added on all unpaid invoices.

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To above indicated creditors: Please consider this signed application as my permission to release credit information to Interstate Aerials, LLC, for the purpose of establishing an open line of credit.

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I certify that all the information on these forms is correct and that I fully understand this Credit Form and agree to the proper payment terms.

In consideration for credit by Interstate Aerials, LLC, I,

personally guarantee immediate payment of any outstanding balance which has remained past due for a period of thirty (30) days. I agree to make payment in full on demand.


*Please supply a Certificate of insurance with Inland Marine Coverage or Contractors Equipment Insurance listing Interstate Aerials, LLC. as Loss Payee or Additional Insured.

The Following are guidelines regarding the use and operation of Interstate Aerials, LLC. equipment as stated on the contract in which all customers MUST sign:

  • Customer is responsible for checking all fluids such as: engine oil, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze, coolant, and fuel on a daily basis while equipment is on rent. Please refer to the “Use of Equipment” section on your contract.
  • Electric Machines**- Customer must maintain battery water and battery charge.
  • Customer is responsible for maintaining proper tire pressure and inspecting tires for damage on a daily basis. **Any tire damage including flats will be charged to the customer-please read the “Tire/Tube repair or replacement” section of your contract.
  • All equipment in relation to rental rates are based on eight (8) hours per day, five (5) days per week, twenty (20) days per month. For excess usage, please read the “Rental Period and Calculation of Charges” section on your contract.
  • Credit will not be issued for downtime due to inclement weather.
  • When the equipment is called off it is the customers responsibility to clean off any debris from the platform or the boom basket. *Cleaning charges may apply.
  • Any damage deemed and not part of normal wear and tear will result in additional charges. Please refer to “Return of Equipment, Damaged & Lost Equipment” section of your contract.

Interstate Aerials, LLC. strives to make your rental experience as friendly as possible and created this key guideline sheet for your awareness. Both Interstate Aerials LLC contract provisions and these guidelines apply. Any questions about these guidelines please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative or our office at 856-241-1118.

Thank you for your business,

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